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C.H. Chen

Director and Vice Chairman of the Board

Chair, Risk Oversight Committee; Chair, Governance and Stockholder Relations Committee

Mr. C.H. Chen was appointed the Company’s Vice Chairman of the Board in 2005. Mr. C.H. Chen is also the Vice Chairman of the Board of LSC, and a board member of LTC, each of which is a member or an affiliate of the Lite-On Group. Mr. C.H. Chen is also a board member of Kwong Lung Enterprise Co., Ltd. and Actron Technology Corporation. Mr. C.H. Chen served as the Company’s President and Chief Executive Officer from 2000 until 2005. From 1969 to 1990, Mr. C.H. Chen held various positions at Texas Instruments Incorporated (“TI”), most recently as the Vice President of TI Taiwan. In 1990, he left TI to found Dyna Image Corporation, which merged with LSC in 2000. Mr. C.H. Chen received his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from National Taiwan University.

Mr. C.H. Chen has extensive experience in the semiconductor industry, particularly in Asia, including as a director of several Asian semiconductor companies. This experience provides the Board with a valuable perspective on the current and future trends and challenges in the semiconductor industry in Asia. As the Company’s former President and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. C.H. Chen’s understanding of the Company enables him to provide advice to the Board on matters concerning the operations of the Company. Mr. C.H. Chen is not related to Mr. Warren Chen.

Independent Director